StARK-c | compact stationary wheel contact force measuring system


The compact wheel force measuring system Stark c will be integrated within existing rail profiles, without having to make fundamental structural changes in the subgrade.

The modular design and active and inactive sections on the measurement track allow the system to manage a variety of measuring tasks and differences in bogie types and bogie centre distances. The range of a measuring section can be up to 300mm, duly observing the required accuracy of ±0.5%. With this measuring system, the wheel contact force is measured on the running surface of the wheel.

It can be installed in all situations, such as inspection pits, elevated sidings or level concrete areas.

Different track gauges are also a possibility. Dynamic measurements can be offered as an option. The system can be supplied as a weighing unit for wheel sets showing readings for individual wheel or axle loads. It is possible to connect two, three, four or more systems together to end up with a stress test rig to measure all the wheel forces of a complete bogie, vehicle or even an entire train. The measuring process on vehicles or whole trains therefore consists of just one step.

Test bench with eight measuring bridges to measure a vehicle with four axles in one measuring step 🔍

There are measuring amplifiers located downstream of the wheel contact force measuring systems. These are connected as CAN bus systems and their job is to supply the measuring bridges with a specific input voltage and to digitise the output signals received from the measuring bridges. They communicate with a central display unit, the WMV. The WMV has a TFT panel to display the readings therefore measurements can also be taken without the computer. The touch-screen input facility is also the means whereby commands can be sent to the measuring amplifiers.

The system is calibrated by an independent accredited body in conformity with DIN 7500-1. This body is in turn accredited by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)) as conforming to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

There is the option of linking the MARK data software module to the weighing systems. It conforms to DIN EN 15654, DIN 27201 and UIC V 660.

WMV measurement data controller

The WMV measurement data controller is supplied with the product and is the link between the sensors and the measuring software. It receives the digitised sensor data and displays them on a logical user interface. It is also possible to execute certain commands via its touch screen – such as resetting the sensors to zero.

The user can therefore carry out wheel contact force measurements without the need for a computer. If, for example, the measuring computer is out of order, the measurement can be continued immediately. At the same time, the WMV sends the data it has received to the measuring computer where they are processed by the database software MARK data.

  StARK-c features

  • High-precision stationary system for the measurement of wheel contact forces in conformity with DIN EN 15654, DIN 27201, DIN EN 50215, EN 14363 and UIC V660

  • Compatible with many rail profiles and track gauges, including narrow gauge and broad gauge

  • Installation within existing rail profiles without fundamental structural change in the subgrade

  • Force measured on running surface of wheel

  • Measurements not affected by transverse offset of wheels

  • Can be installed in the usual situations, such as inspection pits, elevated sidings or level concrete areas

  • Can be extended at a later date due to modular design as a digital system connected via CAN bus 

  • Interactive digital WMV measurement data controller

  • Optional MARK data software module conforming to DIN EN 15654, DIN EN 27201, EN 14363 and UIC V 660 

  • Calibrated and accredited measuring system approved as conforming to DIN 7500-1

  • Measuring accuracy exceeding the regulation ±0.5% laid down in DIN 27201 (±0.2% on request)

Technical specifications

Rail profile

Standard profiles

Track gauge

All standard track gauges, including narrow gauge and broad gauge

Sensor protection rating

IP 67

Sensor storage temperature range

-30 to +85 °C

Nominal sensor temperature range

-10 to +65 °C

Max. load / force per measuring point

Up to 15,000 kg / 150 kN

Above 15,000 kg / 150 kN on request

Min. load / force per measuring point

10% of measuring load / measuring force

Lower on request


2 kg / 0.02 kN

More on request

Measuring equipment class

0.5 under DIN 7500-1

0.2 on request

Measuring section in compliance with measuring equipment class 0.5

Up to 300 mm

Longer on request

Power supply

230 V / 50/60 Hz

Other supply voltages on request

Data transfer Digital data bus
Interfaces USB, LAN, WLAN
Software MARK-data